Where did MinecraftChat Go?

Hello, let me quickly introduce myself. I am Alex, owner/creator/developer of MinecraftChat.net. Some days ago, I started getting emails about people thinking they got their account hacked after using MinecraftChat. Why? Well, Mojang has detected a lot of account login activity from the IPs that I use to run MinecraftChat.net, so now when you connect to MinecraftChat, Mojang will mark that login as insecure, and will send you an email telling you that your account might be in danger, and that they've reset your password.

No, you were not hacked! Mojang is just doing their job. They saw a lot of logins coming from the same IP, they obviously blocked me. Your account is safe though, MinecraftChat.net connects to your browswer via HTTPS, all the data that flows between my servers and your computer, is encrypted. And once it reaches my servers, it gets proxied to Mojang without ever getting stored on my end.

So what now? Well, not much I can do other than getting new servers to get new IPs which would eventually end up in the same problem. Before I continue I must say... I never decided to start MinecraftChat for profit/business. This web app was something that took me just a couple of hours to make, and I decided to get a domain and server with my own money to put it out there and make people's life a bit easier. I can't just afford to get different servers every couple of months just to be changing IPs, I get -$70 a month from running MinecraftChat, yes you heard me, MINUS seventy dollars. Each person that uses MinecraftChat, takes around 100MB of memory to hold their session with the server. 10 clients and I already have 1GB, 80 clients and I already have 8GB. That is a heck of a lot of ram. Why so much? Well, MinecraftChat connects to the Minecraft server as if it was a normal Minecraft client, so it stores chunk data, and many other things, that could eventually bring better versions of MinecraftChat. But no money + no time = no changes.

My Plans. I am not going to sit here seeing my project going from thousands of visits a month, to just a hundred of visits a month. It took a lot of time to get MinecraftChat out there like for it to just.. die like that. I am planning on releasing a downloadable computer app for MinecraftChat. Windows and Mac. This will make it so that when you connect to a server, you get connected from your own computer, from your own network, making each login completely authentic and truly private. This will have a little cost though. Making this app means using my the time I use for working and making money on a real job, so I would be loosing if I just invest time on making this app. I am still not fully decided, but I think the app will come with a single-time $4.99 payment. Pay, download, and use for ever, on all the computers you want.

I truly want to keep MinecraftChat alive, wether it is on a website, an app, or a toaster. I've been very happy with all the positive feedback that I get form this project, and I want to keep working on it. Down below, is a subscription form. If you type your email, you will get notified when this app is available for download. I promise you will not get any other type of email or emails. I just want to keep users informed, instead of asking them to keep checking on this website every day.

Kind Regards,
Alex, Owner & Developer of MinecraftChat
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